That Danny Espinosa guy…

Hello. Hi. Baseball stuff!

So, a few years ago I wrote a piece that focused on how the Washington Nationals weren’t using Danny Espinosa, and that the Tigers should acquire him. Of course, this was written before DD went out and scored Ian Kinsler in a trade that, well, I kinda predicted.

Regardless, I felt it was within the Tigers’ best interest to invest in a cheap talent who didn’t fit with his current organization, a player with true skills who not only is on the skids, but who is also supposedly being shopped for a discounted price.

The crux of my piece was that Espinosa was a guy with developed skills, and as fantasy guru Ron Shandler once say, “When you display a skill, you own it.” Espinosa displayed power, speed, and defensive prowess throughout his minor league career, and in his prior major league opportunity as well. Hell, you can see from his career stats that he also knows how to take a walk.

And now? The dude’s concrete cyanide; Espinosa has been bashing dongs at a pretty good clip, staying quick on the basepaths, and his defense has been typically excellent. What changed?

Well, Ian Desmond, his one-time cornerstone partner, was basically dismissed to Texas to display HIS skills in a one-year Show Me deal. More playing time + proven skills = good numbers. Incredible how that formula works, eh?

So what’s the point of this article then? Is it to slam the Tigers’ front office for not doing due diligence on a player(s)? Nah. I just thought it was neat, and that AA should try to keep an eye out for players in need of A) a change of scenery, and/or B) an opportunity.

Standing pat, sitting on bloated deals, and just letting things play out because one has a giant hard-on for their personal paradigm is fatalistic; just keep swimming. Adapt or die.


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