Nobody Should Be Able to Hit a Major League Pitch

Most of us have been in this position: You got to the batting cages with your buddies. You may start slow, the 40 mph cage, or you may feel like a big shot and head for the 60 mph. You’re spraying the ball all over the place, feeling good, making hard contact. Your friends hop in after you and, the trash talk starts.

Eventually, someone — maybe you, maybe a friend, maybe some random eavesdropper who wants to show everybody up — hops in the Big Boy Cage. Pitches are firing out of the machine at 70+ mph, and somebody is looking foolish. Maybe someone even shrieks when a pitch comes a bit too close for comfort, jumping back, or maybe even swinging weakly. Everyone else laughs. Who’d want to do that? Continue reading “Nobody Should Be Able to Hit a Major League Pitch”


Detroit Tigers Taking a Gander at Jonathan Lucroy?

Fox Sports Detroit has recently released a piece focusing on the Detroit Tigers approaching the Trade Deadline, and I’ll freely admit that it took a stance I did NOT see coming: There’s speculation that the Tigers may be seeking Milwaukee Brewers’ catcher Jonathan Lucroy.

Now, before I get into this, I have to say that I’m in Team Sell at the deadline – the way this team is currently constructed (not to mention managed), there’s no way they can be a viable threat in the postseason. The starting pitching is shallow, the bullpen is either not good or mismanaged, the offense can go ice cold, and the defense isn’t as good as it should be. Frankly, I think dealing K-Rod, Saltalamacchia, and Mike Aviles would net a nice return without really damaging the nucleus of the team. That being said, holy **** they have to get Lucroy! Continue reading “Detroit Tigers Taking a Gander at Jonathan Lucroy?”

Is Jose Altuve the Leading AL MVP Candidate?

Despite being the best player on the resurgent Houston Astros for the last few years, Jose Altuve has been overlooked in voting circles.

In 2014, the once-moribund Astros showed signs of life by winning 19 more games than they won in 2013 (despite managerial mistake Bo Porter running things without rhyme or reason) thanks largely to Altuve’s efforts: he led the American League in hits, batting average, and steals, all while putting up a WAR of 4.8. To rewards his nearly solo offensive output, he finished 13th in AL MVP voting and won a Silver Slugger. Continue reading “Is Jose Altuve the Leading AL MVP Candidate?”

Anibal Sanchez Needs a Time Out

There was really no other way to say it: Max Scherzer was getting his darthole blown out.

The still-newly acquired Tiger has getting shelled start after start at the beginning of the 2010 season, sporting a 1-4 record and a 7.29 ERA (highlighted by a start at Minnesota where he allowed 10 earned runs and walked 4 batters — with a single strikeout — in only 4.1 innings). His mechanics were off, he seemed uneasy on the mound, and his frustrations were palpable. Even though he was the crown jewel of the Curtis Granderson trade and a former first-round pick, he got a ticket to Toledo to work his **** out. Continue reading “Anibal Sanchez Needs a Time Out”